As a GDEX customer, you can earn $25 credit for EACH new customer that you refer to us. All you need to do is give your friends, family, and business associates your four-digit GDEX Account Number (shown at the top of your bill or in the Account Management area).

When your friends join GDEX for either our Dial-up or Web site hosting services at the regular price, you'll get a $25 credit after the first 30 days of their using the service. Our online signup forms have a GREEN bar at the top to prompt new users for your GDEX Account Number. Or, new customers can simply call our sales support area at 877.433.9638 or email us at and tell us your GDEX Account Number.

If you have a Web site, and would like a permanent Referral Link, just complete the form below, and we'll email you the necessary code that will show our GDEX logo and automatically "link-in" your ID# into our GDEX signup forms!

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